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                                        August 26

Try One More Time

Reality is sometimes not what we want it to be. Because of this, what we do to cope sometimes stops working. But you don't have to go through this alone. We are a team of compassionate helpers that can be with you through the storm, and help you get back to being you.

1,000 people a year complete Suicide in Virginia

922 people a year die of unintentional overdoses

17,000 people a year are hospitalized involuntarily for mental health issues

71% of Virginia's Localities have a provider shortage.

We Think there is a better Way Forward

Warning Signs for Suicide

From the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention, read about risk factors, warning signs, and protective factors for suicide.

Veteran Suicide

From stopsoldiersuicide.org, resources for those that served and how to help those you care about.

Opioid Addiction

From helpguide.org, information about opioid use, treatment, and alternatives for chronic pain.